we are accredited as a leading Pest control consultancy, situated in Ahmedabad provide solution linked with the pests by implementing an effective and pest control techniques in accordance with the seriousness of the infestation.

What is weed and why it is harmful?
An unwanted plant to the person can be called as Weed plant, there is no any specific species of the weed plant as it is solely depends upon the context. For an e.g. for one person, one plant may be a weed and to another person same plant may be an enviable plant. Meanwhile, a plant may be viewed as a weed plant, whereas in another place, the same plant may be enviable. When it is a matter of home care, there are several plants whose growth are unstoppable which causes several serious damage to the home, wall, floor, valuable plant, surrounding and develop breeding ground for mosquitoes, snakes, rats type of pests. Additionally, it is also harmful to the human health in terms of allergy, asthma and dermatitis. Your home suffering from such a weed plant in the absence of your eyesight, you should be conscious and check it out or call the residential weed control service provider.

Several characteristics of the weed plant that may facilitate you in identifying are:

Industrial Weed Control in India
  • A plant which has no value
  • Plants growing with high speed
  • Very competitive in terms of space, light, water and nutrients.

Why Rex for Weed Control?

  • Provides same day service, the day you call
  • Expert team who is excellent in identification of weed
  • We create a plan that match to your need and budget
  • Employ state of the art technology
  • Use environment and human friendly chemicals approved by Govt.
  • 100% guarantee to make your home weed free

How residential Weed Control Works?

Weed control comes under the botanical component of pest control, which is used to stop weeds, especially which are noxious to save the other valuable plants and home amenities. To control the weed plants, we are employing a successful weed barrier technique, wherein the eco friendly chemicals are being sprayed on the weed plants to kill them and stop the uncommon growth of the plant which is being harmful to home as well as other plants. Our chemicals which we use are odor less, human friendly, pet friendly and environment friendly, ensure the complete exclusion of the weed plants in a very short period of time.
Our residential weed plant control process is made of three major steps which are:

  • Inspection
  • Identification
  • Sanitation

What plans are available for Weed Control service?

We work accordingly your family time schedule so as your family does not get disturbed as well as to comply with the need of the esteemed customer, we create a customized residential weed control plans, meanwhile to comply with the budget of we offer varied residential weed control plans such as:

one time pest control service Regular pest control service monthly pest control service
quarterly pest control service bimonthly pest control service Annual pest control service

Note: The time taken to a residential weed plant control service is solely based upon the level of infestation in your home.

What are the Benefits of Weed Plant Control?

To accomplish a residential weed control task successfully, it demands proper plant identification, selection of the right method and inspecting the effects of weed control frequently. Our elongate experience in the weed control facilitates us to quickly and accurately recognize the right weed plant and perform the needed action. Additionally, our technician staff is trained by the expert exterminators to find out the weed plant in a timely manner and how to treat them for being very effective.

  • Prevents the brakes in walls and floor
  • saves the nutrition of soil for valuable plants
  • prevents human health related problems
  • removes hidden space for other pests
  • keeps the open space sanitized
  • Sanitized home results no diseases in your family

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